L’elisir d’amore | Donizetti | Yoel Levi, Conductor

L’elisir d’amore | Donizetti | Yoel Levi, Conductor

January 28th | Sunday 20:00

Haifa Opera Stages Donizetti’s “Potion of Love”

Yoel Levy – conductor

Julia Pevsner – Director


Ancient Rania, soprano – Edina

Danilo Formegia, tenor – Nemorino

Eduardo Martinez, baritone – Balcura

Denis Sedov, bass – Delukrama

Odelia Shalev, soprano – Janetta

With the participation of the Bat Shir Choir under the musical direction of Tali Weisman

The opera is fully staged and accompanied by subtitles

Costume and accessories designer – Guy Hoffman

Video Designer – Yair Katznelson

Lighting Designer – Dan Glazer

Assistant conductor – Lior Balhans

Makeup & Hair – Dana Nina Reuven

Show Manager – Aya Bar-Sinai

Rehearsal pianist – Asia Lokshin

Subtitle Translation – Israel Oval

Amplification, lighting and logistics – A.Z. Oracle

LEDs – Fishenson Productions Weizmann Avraham

Logistics Production Managers – Shai Raziel, Limor Marmor

Choir Dresses – Naama Bezalel

Seamstresses – Naama Pardo and Inbar Bella

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