Beat Band

The young jazz orchestra ‘Beat Band Haifa’ is considered the ‘daughter’ orchestra of Big Band Haifa and operates as part of the Beat School of Music, which operates under the municipal corporation Atos of the Municipality of Haifa. This is a young brass band with over 25 musicians from youth and older and is a complementary platform, rather than a competitor to the existing music centers in the north. This orchestra also takes in outstanding musicians who dropped out of other musical settings for one reason or another, those who are active in private settings and musicians from music centers throughout the north looking for a complementary platform of a big band orchestra. The orchestra’s professional line is characterized by a family atmosphere, creativity and thinking outside the box, but also a requirement for professionalism and achievement. This orchestra is currently considered the leader in Israel and is nationally and internationally recognized.

In 2018, this orchestra won first place in Europe at the St. Petersburg Festival and since then has been frequently invited to European concerts and festivals. The conductor of the orchestra is Armen Aslanian, trumpeter of the Haifa Symphony and Big Band, and it is directed by the director of the Beat School of Music – Yuval Kaufman. As part of the music school, you can join a variety of courses: individual studies, ensembles, workshops, and there is a national-level performance club on site. For details: 04-8107107 Sderot Hanasi 124 Haifa