Vision – HSO young

The Young Reserve of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra led by Maestro Yoel Levy is a unique program to promote excellence in musical education for talented youth from the northern region who play orchestral instruments.

We believe that young talents should be given the opportunity to experience music at the highest level throughout the year in an activity based in the northern region of the country.

The reserve will bring together young musicians with rich symphonic orchestral literature, in addition to the training program in conservatories, the comprehensive program will provide professional and social skills of symphonic-orchestral playing alongside cultivating personal excellence in playing.

The activity of the symphony reserve, in cooperation with the supervision of musical education, will be in coordination with the conservatories:

Coordination of activity schedules

Confirmation that the player continues to play in the representative orchestra of the conservatory

Acknowledgment of the supervision of these students as part of the status of the students of the conservatory regarding the ranking of the conservatory

Encouraging, improving and professionalizing the player in orchestral playing skills

The young reserve HSO young gives musically advanced students the opportunity to perform the repertoire with a professional symphony orchestra alongside them and under the guidance of the leading players of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra and under the baton of well-known international conductors there.


Reserve trainees who study in a full track and according to progress in playing will be eligible to receive generous scholarships due to professional ability and examination.

Auditions(playbacks) for reserves

In order to be accepted into the HSO’s junior reserve, you must audition for Maestro Yoel Levy and the reserve’s teaching team. For the audition, pieces of music up to 15 minutes long must be prepared that fully and optimally present the musician’s skill and level of playing. In order to register, you must fill out an electronic form and be in touch with the coordinator of the program in order to schedule an audition.

To make it easier for the examinees, it is possible to request permission to play a recording made in the last two months. Recording must be continuous video shooting using a smartphone without any editing of the performance of the selected segment(s). You can attach a link to the form. There is no obligation to take the exam with piano accompaniment.

Program coordinator – Anna Gavrilov, 0523756212 [email protected]